List of Remote Sensing Equipment

Side Scan Sonar. Marine Sonic HDS Towed System with dual frequency (600/1200 kHz) tow fish

Tritech Starfish 450F

Forward Looking Sonar. Soundmetrics ARIS 3000 (equipped with pan and tilt system)

Scanning Sonar: Tritech Micron; Tritech SeaKing Hammerhead

Sub Bottom Profiler: SyQwest StrataBox

ROV: VideoRay Pro 4 (x 2)

Magnetometer: Geometrics 880

Other configurations are available and have been utilizeed, according to specific project needs.

Survey Vessels

22 ft. Hewes Craft aluminum survey vessel with 200hp Honda 4-stoke outboard

20 ft. Carolina Skiff fiberglass work platform

25 ft. Parker survey vessel platform with 250hp Yamaha outboard